Play To Win

Want to keep playing?

The 30 Day Challenge is a remarkable place– somewhere you can take risks, try things out (even as a complete beginner) and get only support in return.

But what happens when it’s over?

We want to make sure that you don’t have to go away on your own again and then lose momentum. We want to help you keep playing further and further – right into getting paid to play.

Playing all the way

We focus in the 30 Day Challenge on discovering what you love doing, and uncovering lost talents. But what about the next stages: creating something other people love and then getting paid for it?

Playing to win is about playing your way through every one of those four elements of success.

Over the last few weeks, Selina and I have been cooking up something special for what we’re calling “The Play to Win adventure” – something with just the right ingredients that we are both excited to be providing for you and excited to be part of.

Watch this 3 minute intro:

What is it?

So in a nutshell the Play to Win adventure is an ongoing community, playground and training zone taking you through the 4 stages of doing what you love and making it pay until you have a fully flourishing career making money doing what you love.

It will be different to the 30DC in terms of intensity – this will fit a lot more gently into your life in a way that is sustainable: simplified weekly checkins and input from us several times a month rather than several times a week. (So less email overload!)

What you will still get is an awesome community like you’ve been enjoying on the 30DC, and input from us on how to play to win. Rather than being on hand every day in the community or by email, we’ll be joining you regularly throughout the month, providing masterclass tutorials, events, coaching clinics (the emotional stuff with Selina), and guru clinics (the practical stuff with John). And you’ll be part of our special crew – getting to see stuff as we create it including content from John’s new book.

We went through all of your fabulous feedback about what it was you wanted next and have brought into the mix a lot of your suggestions including Live Chat and brainstorming events (or ‘Idea Parties’!):

The Play To Win Recipe:

  • A fabulous community on tap whenever you want it
  • Live Chat – UK and US times
  • Skills swap board / needs & wants
  • Special Interest groups/forums

Accountability + Celebration

  • New simplified weekly ‘PlayCycle’ checkin: The quick weekly checkin that holds you accountable and is simple to do!
  • Show and Tell on the 30th of each month
  • Woohoo! board
  • Once a quarter we’ll blitz our projects and declutter our workspaces in a get it done day

Tutorials and resources and inspiration:

  • Masterclass video with John and Selina every month
  • A growing bank of tutorials and resources to help you on every step of the Play to Win journey from discovering what it is you love to do all the way up to monetizing (many of which are exclusive to SWLP players). You’ll be able to dip into these whenever you need them
  • Inspiration: Videos, links, articles, blog posts to get you inspired, energised and fired up
  • Get Unstuck zone – a whole zone dedicated to helping you out of those ruts, slumps and freak outs with videos, tips and tricks on how to overcome obstacles from procrastination to freaking out about the future!

Get answers & get support

  • Coaching Clinic with Selina to get support and Guru Clinic with John to get answers to your project questions – every month
  • ‘Idea party’ brainstorming sessions
  • We’ll also play with making money in a game that uses Barbara’s $100 hour exercise.

Themed month
  • On the second month of each quarter we’ll be running a themed month, inviting a special guest expert to join us as together we focus on one particular topic from making a website with that wow-factor to building a growing audience.
  • The first one is Website Month – answering your questions about wordpress, themes, layout, and creating your best possible website.

How much is this Play To Win adventure?

Join us for 3 months initially. We’re expecting to price this 3 month adventure in future at £200 or  £300. (I’m sure some of our colleagues would say this should be our highest price thing costing 4 figures!)

But we want to make this easy for you to decide so for you guys if you join us by Sunday 24 June we’re offering this for just £117 for a full 3 months of adventure. And we really mean it that this is only for you guys. After this the price will be going up – it could even double, treble even.

And the fun doesn’t have to stop after 3 months. Stay with us longer and you’ll pay just £39 a month. And that price will stay the same for you for life even when we start charging newcomers three times the amount! That is our guarantee.

We kick off the adventure on Friday 29 June so you have some time to recover from the challenge but we’ll be giving you some fun stuff to start getting you into the right space in advance.


Join by Sunday 24 June and pay just £117 for your place on the Play To Win adventure.
The community opens on Friday 29 June.
If you stay with us beyond 3 months after that, you’ll be charged just £39 a month