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Your first step is to download a free chapter of Screw Work Let’s Play plus an audio class and worksheets to help you get paid to play.

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Download Chapter 1 Join The Play Revolution which will show why getting paid to play is more possible today than it has ever been and why you must start your journey to becoming a player today.

Also includes About The Book which reveals how Screw Work Let’s Play will teach you the 10 secrets to getting paid to do what you love.

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  1. Screw Work Let’s Play – The Audio Class [MP3]: Let me show you how to take your first steps to getting paid to play. I’ll explain why you need to switch from a worker mindset to a “player” mindset (now more than ever), why “players” are ultimately more successful, and how you can start playing right now.
  2. Career DNA Worksheets [DOC] – Still trying to find the work that feels like play? Use these simple worksheets used by hundreds of people to help find their ideal work
  3. How to setup your own self-hosted blog or website in 20 minutes [PDF] – If you’ve been putting off creating your own blog or website, follow the steps in this free fool-proof guide and you’ll have a new website installed and running in 20 minutes.

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