eSchool Step 2:
Create your killer offer

What are you working on?

Before you get started, identify what project you are working on in this eSchool.

Use the My Big Idea one-sheet to get your thoughts down now, before you start.

What you write here is a starting point and will change as you progress. It will be useful to have this to reflect back on and change as you go through this process.

  • Start here by filling in the My Big Idea one-sheet before moving on.

Your summary ‘workbook’ for this section

Your Killer Offer is the product or service that your target market finds most compelling. Get this right and you are well on the way to getting paid to play!

We’ve created the Killer Offer Summary Sheets to help you work through these key topics and summarise it all onto a single page. Here’s how to start using them:

  1. Download the summarysheets here:
    KillerOfferSummarySheets.docxKillerOfferWorksheets.doc (older format)
  2. Watch this video introduction to the worksheets: Killer Offer Summarysheets Introduction Video
  3. Start filling in the sheets, referring to the relevant key topic below for each worksheet for more detail on how to complete it. You are using the summary sheets as a way of recording your outcomes as you go through each of these Key Topics in Step 2.
  4. As soon as that is done, post it to the community so we can give you feedback and help you move forward from there.

KEY TOPIC 1: Choose your niche

KEY TOPIC 2: Find a problem to solve

KEY TOPIC 3: Define your killer offer results

  • People pay for results – what can you promise? Describe the improved situation your client/buyer is in after they have got these results.
  • PLAY IT OUT: Write your client ‘makeover story’ from before to after – either actual or made up

KEY TOPIC 4: How will you deliver your results

  • All the different ways of delivering what you do

KEY TOPIC 5: Productise your offer for easy sale

KEY TOPIC 6: Test-launch your killer offer

Graduation Questions

Download the document here

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