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Whatever happened to book two?

I hope you’re enjoying the summer*. I’ve loving London in the sunshine – the outdoor cafes, cycling around town, and the occasional cocktail with friends down by the Regent’s Canal. *If you’re in the Southern Hemisphere I hope you’re having a good winter 🙂 Update on book 2 I’ve organised my business to give me some space over […]

Why self-help books don’t work (and what does)

I’m a fan of self-help books – as you might expect being an author of one. Self-help books have changed the way I view the world forever, they’ve inspired me to believe I can have what I want, and they’ve shown me how to create it. But we all know they don’t always work. We […]

How to get noticed in a noisy world

We live in a noisy info-overloaded world. Shouting at people about what you do (with traditional, bland, mass-advertising for instance) doesn’t work very well any more. Unless you have Tesco’s marketing budget, you better find a way to stand out and be memorable – to do something differently enough to jar your prospective clients or […]

Neil Mullarkey of the Comedy Store Players on dealing with fear

Every week for the last 25 years, Neil Mullarkey has taken the stage at the most famous comedy club in the UK, The Comedy Store, and started a 2 hour show with no script whatsoever. As you can imagine, he is no stranger to fear. He’s also made brave choices with his career, constantly changing […]

The best 424 words on writing I’ve ever read

One of my favourite pieces of writing on writing that I have ever read is by Paul Graham. Paul is a fascinating entrepreneur. He designed the algorithm used by most anti-spam software around the world and he now runs Y Combinator, a seed funder for startups. He is also a superb essayist. In this short […]