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The Times: Fed up with work? So play!

Earlier this month The Times did a 2 page spread on Screw Work, Let’s Play and myself (John Williams) as the author. How did they represent play? By photographing me sitting on a space hopper (sadly the space hopper is cut out on this online version). It’s actually rather a good introduction to the book so […]

“There is no reason now left to do shit you hate” says Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk’s a guy who took over his family’s wine business turning over $2 million a year and turned it into a $50 million business. He is a master of the new media including online video and social networking. He’s also a very down to earth guy from New Jersey with strong opinions. He suggests […]

Pat Kane on The Play Ethic

Pat Kane is one half of Scottish pop duo Hue and Cry. Famous for hits in the late 80s and early 90s like Labour of Love, the brothers are still making music today and released Open Soul in 2009. Aside from music, Pat is also a writer, consultant, play theorist, and activist. He is author of The Play Ethic: A […]

Steve Jobs’ Stanford University commencement address

Pretty much the entire philosophy of “Screw Work, Let’s Play” is contained in this stunning 15 minute speech by Apple CEO Steve Jobs. I can’t recommend this highly enough. It’s a story about connecting the seemingly random dots of your life, how following your instincts can make you a billionaire, and why death is so […]

Find your workspace anywhere

For those of us whose work requires nothing more than the ability to access the Internet and have conversations, the office is an optional extra. We work wherever we can lay our laptop and get online: at home, in the garden, at the local cafe, or at one of the many co-working spaces sprouting up […]

Freeformers are changing everything – are you one?

A few weeks back I met James Alexander, co-founder of Zopa, the peer to peer lending service, and now CEO of Green Thing. He shared some fascinating research he conducted for Zopa to identify a new under-served market of people; freeformers. There’s a new generation of people who crave the independence and freedom promoted during […]

How to be indispensable

In Chapter 1 of Screw Work, Let’s Play, I reference Daniel Pink who makes a very compelling argument in his book A Whole New Mind that “Right Brainers” will soon be the only people who are indispensable at work. Everyone else is in danger of seeing their job or business disappear. Watch him explain in […]

Let’s start a revolution

Let’s start a revolution – a revolution at work. It’s time to overthrow a set of ideas that have long outstayed their welcome: That a Good Job is the best you can hope for That the alternatives are too risky That you should hide your real personality and interests to fit in at work That you […]