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How to run a multi-million dollar company with (almost) no rules

Recently I watched a video that blew my mind. The speaker Ricardo Semler runs a Brazilian company that makes hundreds of millions of dollars and yet has almost no rules at all – no set hours, location, holiday time, management structure, or business plan. Want to go to the beach or to see a film on a […]

Ditch the boring people!

I had some pretty cool jobs in my former career – special effects developer, European internet consultant, and others. And then I joined a well known global corporation but while the job sounded very impressive I wasn’t happy. Part of the problem was the people. Nothing wrong with them, many of them were very smart. […]

How to be a scanner and still be a success

Recently I received an email from someone who had just read my book and had been hit by the realisation that they are a ‘scanner’. This is a transformational moment for a lot of scanners – to finally have a label for themselves. If you are a scanner you might remember the moment yourself. If […]

Are you ready for the death of the job?

Last week, Google chairman, Eric Schmidt, issued a stern warning at the World Economic Forum. He said that the jobs problem will be “the defining one” for the next two to three decades because the constant development of new technology will mean more and more middle class workers losing their jobs. And as several other experts have stated, […]

Can you help me with my new book?

When I was writing my first book Screw Work Let’s Play, I knew I loved writing it, I knew it felt like play, I knew I was doing the best job I could on it, and I knew I was writing about ideas that I thought were worth spreading. But I really didn’t know if […]

Stop faking it

A few days ago I watched a youtube video of someone playing a song on the piano. She was one of the 200 participants in the 30 Day Challenge and she had responded to one of our exercises by taking the risk to record a video of her playing and show it to the other […]

Postcard from Bali

This is a copy of my email newsletter sent at the end of a month living and working in Bali. The wonderful thing about creating your own business today is that you can design it to be portable. All you need is a laptop computer, a mobile phone, and a WiFi connection, and you can […]

What to do when your idea’s too big

You’ve got an idea you want to put into action – an idea for a business, a mission to become famous, or a vision of making a living doing something you love. But… it’s BIG. Too big. It requires you to quit your job. Or it needs a lot of money. Or a whole team […]

Meet your tribe of players, scanners & entrepreneurs

If you’re reading this blog, chances are you’re a creative person with a lot of ideas (otherwise known as a scanner). And your biggest challenges include choosing which idea to pursue, making it happen quickly, and turning your best ideas into something that might make you a living. If that’s the case, don’t try and […]

Mythbusting: “I’ll get lonely working for myself”

This is a guest post from Marianne Cantwell of Free Range Humans who is collaborating with me on some very exciting projects around Screw Work Let’s Play to be revealed soon. Why working for yourself doesn’t mean working by yourself You’re a people person. You don’t want to be holed up at home everyday, with […]