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How to text a billion people about your idea PLUS… an inspiring book

Ever had a good idea you wanted the world to know about, John? What would it be like to be able to send a text message to a billion people across the planet to tell them about it? Well that’s exactly what author and activist Chris Ward managed to do this year. Chris is former […]

How two Screw Work readers invented the world’s first healthy ice cream and made it a hit

Brothers Harry and Charlie Thuillier read Screw Work Let’s Play back in 2011 and it inspired them on a series of adventures that culminated in creating the world’s first healthy ice cream, Oppo. Oppo has now won several awards, is sold in leading supermarkets, and is in the short list to win business help from Richard […]

The challenge of creating something personal: Noel Langley on his #1 Jazz album

You may not have heard the name of top trumpet player Noel Langley before but you can bet you’ve heard him play. That’s because he’s played with everyone from Lou Reed, Massive Attack, and Radiohead to Tom Jones, Robbie Williams, and Adele. And yet despite his glittering career he had never released an album of […]

The conversation that changed everything in my career

A short exchange with a complete stranger twenty years ago changed everything for me in my career. Watch me explain in this, possibly my most candid, video exactly what happened and see if you think differently about your own career afterwards. This video is one in a series of interviews on the topic of ‘Conversations […]

How Claire Hughes started her business in 30 days

2 years ago Claire Hughes wanted to start something of her own but she didn’t even have a business idea. So she joined the Screw Work Let’s Play 30 Day Challenge. Now she has a thriving business of her own – Handmade Horizons – and today she moved into her very own office. I took the chance to […]

What to do when someone copies you

Radiohead’s early albums The Bends and OK Computer positioned them as one of the most influential bands in the world – and inspired a new wave of sound-alike Britpop bands including Coldplay, Stereophonics, Muse and Travis. The next Radiohead album didn’t come so easily. Band members all had different visions for Radiohead’s future, and Thom […]

What’s your big adventure?

Our Head Coach, Selina Barker, is about to set off on her own big adventure. She’s packing up her life, reducing all her possessions, and putting everything that remains into a campervan named Beryl. Then she sets off for a 6 month road trip around the UK and Europe, meeting people, having fun, and running […]

Neil Mullarkey of the Comedy Store Players on dealing with fear

Every week for the last 25 years, Neil Mullarkey has taken the stage at the most famous comedy club in the UK, The Comedy Store, and started a 2 hour show with no script whatsoever. As you can imagine, he is no stranger to fear. He’s also made brave choices with his career, constantly changing […]

How to stand out from the crowd

Once you escape the world of the job and start working for yourself, your challenge quickly becomes how to win enough work. And to do that you need to be willing to shake off the anonymity of the crowd and stand up and stand out for something. For some quick tips on how to do […]

The Times: Fed up with work? So play!

Earlier this month The Times did a 2 page spread on Screw Work, Let’s Play and myself (John Williams) as the author. How did they represent play? By photographing me sitting on a space hopper (sadly the space hopper is cut out on this online version). It’s actually rather a good introduction to the book so […]