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How to start a business in 60 minutes

It’s easy to imagine that starting a new income stream or business is a slow and laborious thing to do. However that does not have to be the case. You can now set yourself up to promote something to the whole world in just an hour or so – whether it’s your skills, writing, photography, products, event, […]

Love your list

An email list with regular newsletters is a powerful marketing tool for any playful business. But how do you keep your email list happy, and avoid them unsubscribing so that they stick around long enough to to do business with you at some point? In this audio masterclass, Marianne explains how to “Love your list” […]

Internet Entrepreneur Daniel Wagner on creating a location independent lifestyle

Not that many years ago Daniel Wagner was working as a Pizza delivery boy. Now he’s created a successful business that he can run from anywhere in the world. So he decided to take the opportunity to leave England and go live in the sun in Cyprus. He recorded this great video on the plane […]