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How would you like to be a Digital Nomad?

I’ve spent all this month in Bali, having some time off, giving some talks, and connecting with the Digital Nomad community – a global movement of people who have designed their life to be location independent. It’s never been easier to create a business you can run from a laptop anywhere in the world. And a lot […]

“The shortest answer is doing the thing”

What should you dedicate your life to? What’s your passion? Which of your ideas will really pay off? Which one can actually make money? Do you actually have the skills or even the confidence to pull it off? These are the kind of questions that can seize us when we’re trying to choose something new to start. Sometimes they […]

Here’s the formula for getting paid to do what you love

What if there was a formula for getting paid to do what you love? Well I reckon I’ve cracked it. Drawing on all my work with people over the last decade I came up with the Playcheque Formula. The formula has just 4 elements and once you’ve unlocked it you too can get paid to do something you love. […]

Playing from your heart

Our last Screw Work Let’s Play 30 Day Challenge just recently finished and as I reflect on all the wonderful projects launched in 30 days a theme strikes me – that the real ‘challenge’ for the participants is to dare to do something they care about and put it out into the world. I learned […]

We weren’t designed this way

As our world changes and evolves it always brings both good and bad effects. There has never been a better time than today to be a creative person. Technology has made it possible for us to create music, movies, movements and money-making ideas in ways that simply weren’t open to the majority of us before. And we can reach a […]

The rise of the rulebreaker

Last night I discovered that one of my favourite authors, Seth Godin, is releasing a new book. Despite being the author of 12 bestselling books translated into 30 languages, Seth has decided not to write a normal book again: It’s not released through a mainstream publisher and it doesn’t even look like a conventional book. Having noticed […]

Still hunting for your passion? Read this…

Liz Gilbert, author of the international bestseller Eat, Pray, Love spoke at Oprah’s “The Life You Want Weekend” recently and said something rather controversial about finding your passion: “I’m going to say something really weird and it’s going to surprise you… I’m going to speak out for a second against passion.” “You spend a lot of your life […]

The single most important skill you need today

We live in remarkable times. Last week the Financial Times reported that China is set to overtake America this year as the world’s largest economy. What will the world be like when the West no longer sets the economic agenda? In addition to this economic shift we’re also seeing a workplace shift away from full-time […]

A Screw Work Let’s Play Newsflash

We have two big and exciting announcements to share with you at Screw Work Let’s Play HQ today. Listen to the audio below to find out what’s happening: Watch out for further news on this in just a few days’ time…   Tweet

Is this your block to starting making money without a job?

I’ve been teaching people how to make money doing something they love without needing a job for almost a decade now. And I know that anyone who’s determined to do it can make it happen. And yet often I see people get stuck along the way. Perhaps you are too? What I’ve discovered is that […]