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How to text a billion people about your idea PLUS… an inspiring book

Ever had a good idea you wanted the world to know about, John? What would it be like to be able to send a text message to a billion people across the planet to tell them about it? Well that’s exactly what author and activist Chris Ward managed to do this year. Chris is former […]

How two Screw Work readers invented the world’s first healthy ice cream and made it a hit

Brothers Harry and Charlie Thuillier read Screw Work Let’s Play back in 2011 and it inspired them on a series of adventures that culminated in creating the world’s first healthy ice cream, Oppo. Oppo has now won several awards, is sold in leading supermarkets, and is in the short list to win business help from Richard […]

Playing from your heart

Our last Screw Work Let’s Play 30 Day Challenge just recently finished and as I reflect on all the wonderful projects launched in 30 days a theme strikes me – that the real ‘challenge’ for the participants is to dare to do something they care about and put it out into the world. I learned […]

The challenge of creating something personal: Noel Langley on his #1 Jazz album

You may not have heard the name of top trumpet player Noel Langley before but you can bet you’ve heard him play. That’s because he’s played with everyone from Lou Reed, Massive Attack, and Radiohead to Tom Jones, Robbie Williams, and Adele. And yet despite his glittering career he had never released an album of […]

Last chance to join my free “Screw Work, Let’s Get Rich” event live online

UPDATE: 275 300 400 people now registered!  In July I ran an event in London called “Screw Work, Let’s Get Rich” – and it sold out in just 5 days. In it, I revealed my strategy that anyone can follow to make a 6 figure business out of the work you love. And I announced a completely new, […]

Could you be suffering from Chrometophobia?

There is a phobia that is surprisingly common and yet very poorly understood. In fact you might even be suffering from it yourself without realising it. It’s called Chrometophobia and it is the fear of money. Now you might imagine that if some kindly person walked up to you and handed you a large pile […]

Announcing a Screw Work event live in London: Screw Work, Let’s Get Rich!

For the last 3 years since my first book was published my events and programmes have helped well over a 1000 people to discover what they love and get started on it straight away. But now I’m turning my attention to another really important topic – how to turn the things you love into a great living. […]

The #1 mistake in creating your website or blog

Are you planning to make a website or blog for yourself? Maybe it’s to promote a new line of work you’ve started or to publicise your current work. Or perhaps you just feel like starting a blog about a topic you’re into? I meet a lot of people in this situation and I notice the […]

How to get noticed in a noisy world

We live in a noisy info-overloaded world. Shouting at people about what you do (with traditional, bland, mass-advertising for instance) doesn’t work very well any more. Unless you have Tesco’s marketing budget, you better find a way to stand out and be memorable – to do something differently enough to jar your prospective clients or […]

Love your list

An email list with regular newsletters is a powerful marketing tool for any playful business. But how do you keep your email list happy, and avoid them unsubscribing so that they stick around long enough to to do business with you at some point? In this audio masterclass, Marianne explains how to “Love your list” […]