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Mythbusting: “I’ll get lonely working for myself”

This is a guest post from Marianne Cantwell of Free Range Humans who is collaborating with me on some very exciting projects around Screw Work Let’s Play to be revealed soon. Why working for yourself doesn’t mean working by yourself You’re a people person. You don’t want to be holed up at home everyday, with […]

Free guide to freelancing and contracting

I am a contributor to the UK site Freelance Advisor and they’ve produced an excellent beginner’s guide to starting out freelancing (or contracting). It covers a lot of the practical stuff about setting yourself up as self-employed in the UK including book-keeping, tax, invoicing and chasing payments. It’s a brilliant compliment to Screw Work, Let’s […]

How I created the 50 million selling game Jenga – by Leslie Scott

Leslie Scott created one the world’s favourite games, Jenga, so I was delighted when she agreed to be interviewed for my book Screw Work, Let’s Play. Here, she explains how she turned her baby brother’s playing bricks into the world’s second biggest selling game (topped only by Monopoly). She also explains how she kept going through […]

How to find work you love in a recession

While writing Screw Work, Let’s Play, I was interviewed by Dave Monk on BBC Radio Essex about how to find work you love, even in a recession. Dave challenged me with some tough questions. Have a listen to hear my answers to questions like: Should you just fire off your CV to all the jobs […]

Should I quit my job?

At some point you are going to reach that moment when the business you started in your spare time grows too big to fit into your evenings and weekends. And the question you have to ask yourself is “Should I quit my job?”. How do you decide? The founders of Innocent Drinks made the decision […]

If you’re looking for a ‘really’ serious job you might be in the wrong place

Poke are a digital agency in London, recently named one of the top 3 most respected agencies in the UK by New Media Age. They’ve done high profile creative projects for Orange, Skype, and French Connection and still found time to build a system for the local bakery to tweet when fresh bread is ready. […]