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The challenge of creating something personal: Noel Langley on his #1 Jazz album

You may not have heard the name of top trumpet player Noel Langley before but you can bet you’ve heard him play. That’s because he’s played with everyone from Lou Reed, Massive Attack, and Radiohead to Tom Jones, Robbie Williams, and Adele. And yet despite his glittering career he had never released an album of […]

Not a Completer Finisher?

For much of my early life I felt bad because I wasn’t a ‘Completer Finisher’. Perhaps you might relate to this? I was good at daydreaming and coming up with ideas, not so good at choosing what to do or getting real and putting things into action. And then I realised something. It doesn’t matter […]

The single most important skill you need today

We live in remarkable times. Last week the Financial Times reported that China is set to overtake America this year as the world’s largest economy. What will the world be like when the West no longer sets the economic agenda? In addition to this economic shift we’re also seeing a workplace shift away from full-time […]

Is this your block to starting making money without a job?

I’ve been teaching people how to make money doing something they love without needing a job for almost a decade now. And I know that anyone who’s determined to do it can make it happen. And yet often I see people get stuck along the way. Perhaps you are too? What I’ve discovered is that […]

Ditch the boring people!

I had some pretty cool jobs in my former career – special effects developer, European internet consultant, and others. And then I joined a well known global corporation but while the job sounded very impressive I wasn’t happy. Part of the problem was the people. Nothing wrong with them, many of them were very smart. […]

How to be a scanner and still be a success

Recently I received an email from someone who had just read my book and had been hit by the realisation that they are a ‘scanner’. This is a transformational moment for a lot of scanners – to finally have a label for themselves. If you are a scanner you might remember the moment yourself. If […]

The conversation that changed everything in my career

A short exchange with a complete stranger twenty years ago changed everything for me in my career. Watch me explain in this, possibly my most candid, video exactly what happened and see if you think differently about your own career afterwards. This video is one in a series of interviews on the topic of ‘Conversations […]

How Claire Hughes started her business in 30 days

2 years ago Claire Hughes wanted to start something of her own but she didn’t even have a business idea. So she joined the Screw Work Let’s Play 30 Day Challenge. Now she has a thriving business of her own – Handmade Horizons – and today she moved into her very own office. I took the chance to […]

How to quit your job

So you want to quit your job. Firstly, I salute you! I had some great jobs before I gave up on them all together but no matter how interesting, varied, or well-paid they were, nothing compares to the total freedom I experience now. I can do what I want, where I want, when I want […]

The secret of playing the money game: Think big, start small

It’s easy to imagine that the normal route to creating a successful business is to come up with a killer idea, write a business plan, prove that the whole thing will work, then go take a giant leap of faith – and a massive risk along with it. But this simply isn’t true. The roots […]