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How to text a billion people about your idea PLUS… an inspiring book

Ever had a good idea you wanted the world to know about, John? What would it be like to be able to send a text message to a billion people across the planet to tell them about it? Well that’s exactly what author and activist Chris Ward managed to do this year. Chris is former […]

Whatever happened to book two?

I hope you’re enjoying the summer*. I’ve loving London in the sunshine – the outdoor cafes, cycling around town, and the occasional cocktail with friends down by the Regent’s Canal. *If you’re in the Southern Hemisphere I hope you’re having a good winter 🙂 Update on book 2 I’ve organised my business to give me some space over […]

How two Screw Work readers invented the world’s first healthy ice cream and made it a hit

Brothers Harry and Charlie Thuillier read Screw Work Let’s Play back in 2011 and it inspired them on a series of adventures that culminated in creating the world’s first healthy ice cream, Oppo. Oppo has now won several awards, is sold in leading supermarkets, and is in the short list to win business help from Richard […]

“The shortest answer is doing the thing”

What should you dedicate your life to? What’s your passion? Which of your ideas will really pay off? Which one can actually make money? Do you actually have the skills or even the confidence to pull it off? These are the kind of questions that can seize us when we’re trying to choose something new to start. Sometimes they […]

What to do when you want to start doing what you love but you need money now

So you want to start doing what you love but you also need money – you know, for rent and food and similar luxuries. What do you do? This comes up a lot and the most pressing version of it is when someone has just left their job. The freshly escaped ‘player’ rushes headlong into writing their book or […]

We weren’t designed this way

As our world changes and evolves it always brings both good and bad effects. There has never been a better time than today to be a creative person. Technology has made it possible for us to create music, movies, movements and money-making ideas in ways that simply weren’t open to the majority of us before. And we can reach a […]

The rise of the rulebreaker

Last night I discovered that one of my favourite authors, Seth Godin, is releasing a new book. Despite being the author of 12 bestselling books translated into 30 languages, Seth has decided not to write a normal book again: It’s not released through a mainstream publisher and it doesn’t even look like a conventional book. Having noticed […]

How is your follow-through?

300 people recently told me their biggest obstacles to starting something they love and making money out of it… And one of the top problems that came up again and again and again was “Follow-through” – the ability to stick to one idea and follow it through to the point it’s working and making real […]

“You’ll never amount to much”

“You’ll never amount to much” – ever heard that message in your life? You might have heard a version of it from a school teacher or careers counsellor who suggested you lower your expectations. You may even have picked up a hint of it from your friends or family – don’t expect too much, don’t […]

What was your pivotal moment?

This week I ran a live online training with over 300 people all over the world and we talked about the perils of The Job which can drive you crazy: the bad boss the nightmare colleague the miserable office the tedious commute and worse… You might put up with it all for many years until… […]