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Honing your niche and service (’round 2′)

This is for you it you are already attracting people to your service/event but there are several ways you think it could go in order to grow. How do you focus down on one of the niches that have been interacting with your service, and how do you decide on what to add to make […]

How to sell to the problem

The number one key to getting paid to play is to solve problems for people. To understand just how incredibly powerful this is, and start to understand how to do it listen to this essential 10 minute talk by John Williams. Once you’ve done that go back to the Killer Offer Worksheets and have another go […]

How to Write Your First Offer Email

You can use an introductory email to get people coming to your event or taking on your service even when you don’t have a website, a reputation, a bigger plan or a mailing list. It is important to get this right so click here for a step by step guide to writing your first offer email. […]

How to Win Your First Playcheque

Now you’ve laid the foundations it is time to test your offer out in the field! And that means launching a play-it-out project, starting right now. Doing this will give you confidence about what you are doing, a reality check about what works best, and countless benefits such as insights into what to refine and […]

How to decide what to charge (and how to charge more)

Find out how to decide what to charge for product or services – and how to charge more! This content is in two parts – PDF and audio: Read the PDF guide Listen to the audio explanation Tweet