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How To Use WordPress ‘Themes’ To Customise The Look Of Your Website

WordPress is all about Themes. A WordPress Theme determines the look and feel of your website. It determines the layout, the menu options, the colour – pretty much everything! You can start out without a theme (you’ll get the default WordPress look) but if you want something more, here is an introduction to themes, where […]

A Couple More Clever Things To Make Your Site More Interactive And Shareable (Recommended Plugins)

Here are some simple ways to help your reader interact with you or share your work with others. I show you some plugins I use and why they work. The examples apply to both and externally hosted WordPress sites so this should be watched by all WordPress users. However do note that the way […]

How to customise your navigation menus and website layout

Again this applies to both simple and advanced WordPress platforms. View the tutorial here: Navigation, layout and other elements Continue with point 5 in the WordPress crashcourse Tweet

How To Use Widgets To Make Your WordPress Blog More User Friendly And Interactive (Or: How To Do Two Simple Things That Make You Look Like A Techno Whizz!)

This section is the part where you get to play around and have fun with your site! Note that this applies to both simple and advanced WordPress systems, however ONLY the externally hosted WordPress (ie: one hosted on Bluehost or similar) will be able to use Plugins in the way I describe). Anyone with a […]

How To Make Your Site Navigable Using Tags And Categories For Your Blog Posts On WordPress

This is important to do from your first blog post so watch this simple video now which shows the three things to do to get tags, categories and weblinks for each blog post looking right from the off. This applies whether you are using the simple or advanced version of WordPress. View the video tutorial […]

How to get started using WordPress

Whether you are using the simple or advanced WordPress, this applies (however note the examples in all these tutorial show a Bluehost hosted version, so the free blog platform may look different.). This tutorial demystifies the workings of WordPress so you understand the main functions, walks you through the basics of how WordPress works and […]

How to install WordPress on Bluehost

Before you start using WordPress with your new domain and hosting, you need to install it on Bluehost. This is a simple process once you know the steps – and that’s what we show you below. This is a guide to how to get started using WordPress on Bluehost. We walk you through every step […]

How To Ensure Your Domain Name (You Have Purchased Within Bluehost) Is Ready For Use With Your New Website.

This is the first thing you do when getting started with Bluehost and a new domain name that you purchased through Bluehost. It is also what you do if you have purchased a second or third domain within Bluehost. This makes your domain ready for use with your Bluehost account (or ‘assigns’ it to your […]

How to set up a WordPress website or blog on Bluehost

The below are guides that take you through how to get started after you have purchased your Bluehost account and domain. Note: This option is for the more advanced WordPress option (these are not the direction for just starting a basic WordPress blog for free, but instead this is how to get set up on […]

How To Choose The Right Blogging Or Website Platform For You: 4 Options

We have created a tutorial where we talk you through and show you 4 options for website and blog platforms, appropriate for different needs. Watch the tutorial here: Choosing a website or blogging platform The links to the options outlined in the video are here 1. MrSite Easy and fast, but not very sophisticated […]