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The #1 mistake in creating your website or blog

Are you planning to make a website or blog for yourself? Maybe it’s to promote a new line of work you’ve started or to publicise your current work. Or perhaps you just feel like starting a blog about a topic you’re into? I meet a lot of people in this situation and I notice the […]

How to get noticed in a noisy world

We live in a noisy info-overloaded world. Shouting at people about what you do (with traditional, bland, mass-advertising for instance) doesn’t work very well any more. Unless you have Tesco’s marketing budget, you better find a way to stand out and be memorable – to do something differently enough to jar your prospective clients or […]

How to stand out from the crowd

Once you escape the world of the job and start working for yourself, your challenge quickly becomes how to win enough work. And to do that you need to be willing to shake off the anonymity of the crowd and stand up and stand out for something. For some quick tips on how to do […]

How to create your own global microbrand

Hugh MacLeod is an artist who first made his name drawing cartoons on the back of business cards. He also now writes a superb blog called GapingVoid on art, entrepreneurship, marketing and other good things. One of Hugh’s great concepts that I refer to in Screw Work Let’s Play is that of a Global Microbrand. He […]

Stop obsessing about your business card

Myth of Work #15 in Screw Work, Let’s Play is “I can’t talk to anyone until I have some fancy business cards printed and my website launched” Don’t let this kind of stuff stop you from getting out there and starting to put your ideas into action. It is almost always possible for you to win your […]

The power of a 2 minute YouTube video to promote your work

Audrey and Sophie Boss run Beyond Chocolate a business helping women to stop dieting and overeating and finally enjoy food without guilt – and still lose weight. I quote them in How to play the fame game chapter in Screw Work Let’s Play because they’ve created a very natural and authentic style to their marketing […]

A comic about a Choc-Mobile

In Screw Work Let’s Play, I open the chapter on “How to work out what you really really want” with a story about Petra Barran. Petra has had several interesting careers and now owns the UK’s only touring choc-mobile, Choc Star. Not only does Petra have a rather unusual business but she also tells its […]