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Welcome to 2013! Let’s take the year off

It’s the first day of a new year – a time when many of us think about what lies ahead and what we’d like to get from the coming 12 months. I remember one year I had a go at one of those elaborate exercises to review the previous year, set lots of goals for […]

Can you help me with my new book?

When I was writing my first book Screw Work Let’s Play, I knew I loved writing it, I knew it felt like play, I knew I was doing the best job I could on it, and I knew I was writing about ideas that I thought were worth spreading. But I really didn’t know if […]

Join the 2011 Play Revolution

If your promises to yourself for this year include finding a way to get paid for something you love, I want to help you do it. Last year, Screw Work Let’s Play hit the bestseller lists, was raved about in The Times – twice – and this year, it’s being translated into Dutch, Italian and Korean. But we’ve […]

It’s a real-time real-world

I received this tweet (see image) today from someone who had just bought my book for their journey home and was immediately moved to tell me what they thought. This now happens to me every day – and I’m glad to say that so far they have all been enormously positive. While this might be […]

The Times: Fed up with work? So play!

Earlier this month The Times did a 2 page spread on Screw Work, Let’s Play and myself (John Williams) as the author. How did they represent play? By photographing me sitting on a space hopper (sadly the space hopper is cut out on this online version). It’s actually rather a good introduction to the book so […]

Sunday Times names Screw Work Let’s Play in hottest new self-help books

Yesterday, Sunday Times Style Magazine named Screw Work Let’s Play as one of the 6 hottest new self-help books. This is what they said: IN A NUTSHELL John Williams, a former Deloitte consultant, has devised a compelling 10-step escape from corporate life that could see a summer of resignation letters. First, imagine what you’d do if […]

How’s my blurb?

I’m currently working with the commissioning editor on the “blurb” that goes on the back cover of the book. Here’s what we’ve got so far. What do you think? Would this tempt you to buy the book? Is there anything that puts you off or doesn’t make sense? Please leave a comment and let me […]