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My new book Screw Work Break Free is out now!

My long-awaited 2nd book Screw Work Break Free: How to launch your own money-making idea in 30 days was published by Vermilion (part of Penguin Random House) on 4 August and it’s already a bestseller! If you’ve read my first book Screw Work Let’s Play and you still haven’t started making money from something you love, […]

Thoughts on Brexit

Here’s an email I sent on Saturday about Brexit to people on the Screw Work list (see box at the bottom to join us). ~ I couldn’t let the weekend go by without sharing some thoughts on the UK voting to leave the EU. I tend to lean towards collaboration and working together and so was […]

Three things about recent technology advancements that might just give you sleepless nights

Have you noticed recently that there are some pretty remarkable technological advancements being made? I know I have. I’ve been learning recently from some leading experts who say that this is just the start of some huge shifts in the way we live and work. And the pace is accelerating. Let me show you three […]

Announcing something new

Today I’m announcing something new. It’s called LAUNCH! Inside Track and it’s all about how to create something super-successful and market it in radically new ways to make it a smash hit – whether that thing is a book, a product, a service, an app, or your own coaching/therapy/freelance/consultancy career. And you’re going to learn all that while looking over my shoulder […]

How to text a billion people about your idea PLUS… an inspiring book

Ever had a good idea you wanted the world to know about, John? What would it be like to be able to send a text message to a billion people across the planet to tell them about it? Well that’s exactly what author and activist Chris Ward managed to do this year. Chris is former […]

“How much did they pay you to give up on your dreams?”

Here’s something I posted to the Screw Work Let’s Play Facebook page recently that got shared more than anything else in many weeks. It’s a short but brilliant clip of George Clooney from the movie Up In The Air. George’s character, Ryan Bingham, makes a living telling people they’re being made redundant. It’s a tough […]

How would you like to be a Digital Nomad?

I’ve spent all this month in Bali, having some time off, giving some talks, and connecting with the Digital Nomad community – a global movement of people who have designed their life to be location independent. It’s never been easier to create a business you can run from a laptop anywhere in the world. And a lot […]

Meet me in Bali at the Screw Work Digital Nomad meetup

A new way of working that became practical only a few years ago has now become an entire movement. I’m talking about the Digital Nomad movement – a growing horde of people deliberately setting up their worklife so that they can live anywhere in the world. When I first spent a month working from Bali just 4 years […]

How to start a business in 60 minutes

It’s easy to imagine that starting a new income stream or business is a slow and laborious thing to do. However that does not have to be the case. You can now set yourself up to promote something to the whole world in just an hour or so – whether it’s your skills, writing, photography, products, event, […]

Whatever happened to book two?

I hope you’re enjoying the summer*. I’ve loving London in the sunshine – the outdoor cafes, cycling around town, and the occasional cocktail with friends down by the Regent’s Canal. *If you’re in the Southern Hemisphere I hope you’re having a good winter 🙂 Update on book 2 I’ve organised my business to give me some space over […]