30 Day Challenge library

This page contains 2 Kitchen Hangouts and 4 “Your First Thousand” sessions from the 30 Day Challenge, November 2014

“Your First Thousand” sessions

John ran four sessions on how to get your first thousand blog/book readers, how to get your first thousands newsletter subscribers, and most importantly, how to make your first thousand pounds/bucks/euros etc!

This includes the Q&A following.

#4 First Thousand Session with John

How to make your first £$€1000. Plus Q&A

#3 First Thousand Session with John

How to get your first thousand subscribers.

Something went wrong with the recording of this webinar but fortunately Jason has managed to at least extract the audio which you can play below.

My slides are here

#2 First Thousand Session with John

How to get your first thousand website visitors.


Download the audio only version here

#1 First Thousand Session with John

How to choose an idea you love that can also make money.


Download the audio only version here


Kitchen Hangouts

We had two very special events during the Challenge – Kitchen Hangouts with leading experts taught you what you most need to know on their subject of expertise – and allowed you to ask whatever you want to ask.

Kitchen Hangout with award winning social media expert Kayleigh Angus

Learn the essentials you need to know about Facebook & Twitter, how to attract more fans for free and simple techniques to engage fans and get your content in front of a bigger audience.



Kitchen Hangout with literary agent Jacqueline Burns

Join me and Jacqueline live on video from Jacqueline’s kitchen in South West London.

Jacq was commissioning editor at Random House and editorial director at Harper Collins prior to setting up as a literary agent and publishing consultant. In non-fiction her focus is on personal development, business, how-to books, parenting, and well-being. In fiction her focus is women’s fiction. She has ghosted on a wide range of subjects from neuroscience to forced marriage. She also wrote a series of humorous books The Handbag Book of Girly Emergencies, under a pseudonym.

Jacq’s new book “Write a bestseller” is released this month!

Jacqueline and I talked about getting a book deal, self-publishing vs mainstream publishing, and what makes a bestseller.