Welcome to the 30 Day Challenge!

Your payment has been completed and you are now a participant on the 30 Day Challenge BUT please note the important instructions below to make you get all our messages.



You should now have received not just a receipt but an important welcome email titled “Welcome to the 30 Day Challenge”.

Please go and check you can see it now. It contains your welcome items for the 30 Day Challenge but equally importantly, if you can’t see it, it might mean our 30 Day Challenge emails are getting filtered. If that’s the case you may well not receive ANYTHING we send you until you solve the problem.

You need to be able to receive ALL our emails because you will receive the invite to the Challenge on the same address. If this one has gone in the spam, everything else will too! So please check now and follow the instructions below if you can’t see it.


Can’t see the ‘Welcome to the 30 Day Challenge’ email?

It may take a few minutes for the email to arrive but if you can’t see it within 10-15 minutes, please take a look in your spam or junk folder. If you find it in the spam/junk, please mark it as NOT SPAM or NOT JUNK and add both team@screwworkletsplay.com and john@screwworkletsplay.com to your address list or safe list.

Are you on gmail?

If so you might also need to check in the ‘Promotions’ folder and see if it is in there. If so, please drag the email out of Promotions and into your Inbox and click the option to say that all future messages should go in the inbox.


If you’re still stuck after doing this, please contact Allison on team@screwworkletsplay.com


See you in the Challenge!