My new book Screw Work Break Free is out now!

Screw Work Break FreeMy long-awaited 2nd book Screw Work Break Free: How to launch your own money-making idea in 30 days was published by Vermilion (part of Penguin Random House) on 4 August and it’s already a bestseller!

If you’ve read my first book Screw Work Let’s Play and you still haven’t started making money from something you love, Screw Work Break Free will get you up and running in just 30 days.

Screw Work Break Free is based on my famous Screw Work 30 Day Challenge but goes far beyond what I’ve ever covered before including –

  • 11 ways to make money out of any idea
  • How to make your idea go viral
  • The instant procrastination fix
  • Secrets you can use from multi-million dollar launches

And it’s packed with new stories about people like you who went from having a vague business idea (or even no idea at all!) and turned it into a money-making business in as little as 30 days.

If you buy it today and enter your details at my new website you’ll receive a huge bonus pack to speed you on your way:



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