How to text a billion people about your idea PLUS… an inspiring book

Ever had a good idea you wanted the world to know about, John?

What would it be like to be able to send a text message to a billion people across the planet to tell them about it?

Well that’s exactly what author and activist Chris Ward managed to do this year.

Chris is former creative director of Comic Relief, author of two books on the joys of working from coffee shops, and creator of the much shared London coffee stops tube map.

This year he has been working with Richard Curtis to publicise the United Nations’ Global Goals to end extreme poverty, fight inequality & injustice, and fix climate change.

That’s when he hit on the idea to text as many people on the planet as possible to raise awareness of the goals. Because the more people know about them, the more governments pay attention to them and invest in them.

I spoke to Chris this week and he told me his top tip for making an idea happen is this:

“Always think bigger than everyone else”

That’s because there’s actually less competition at that level!

It’s also actually more enticing to say to the mobile networks operators, “Do you want to be part of the biggest media platform on earth?” than it is to approach them to do something smaller and less exciting.

The result of Chris’ thinking big?

925 million people texted about the Global Goals… and counting.

A holiday gift to inspire you
to your own big challenge in 2016
(and contribute to a good cause at the same time)

Many of us were shocked by scenes of the refugee crisis this year. Chris was one of them and he decided to do something to help.

Chris quickly pulled together a book of 44 stories of people who took on a challenge in 2015 in order to inspire you to take on your own challenge in 2016.

It’s called:

#LIFECHANGER – They did it so you can too

And 100% of profits from the book go to The Guardian & Observer Charity Appeal for Refugees.

The stories span cycling around the world, to starting a coffee shop, to Chris’ own adventure to write a book in 2 weeks. Everyone at some point on their adventures benefited from the kindness and generosity of strangers so it’s a great match for supporting refugees.

The book is out today. Buy it for yourself and get inspired for 2016, or gift it to a friend…

Buy the book on Kindle from Amazon now

#LifeChanger book


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