How to get established quickly when you’re just starting out

When you’re starting out on your own, it’s hard to imagine how you can compete with the big players in your field. How can your idea for a book on personal finance possibly stack up against Rich Dad Poor Dad?

How can your idea for a time management app succeed when there are so many other apps out there? How can you get noticed as an NLP practitioner in a sea of similarly qualified people?

Well I have a strategy I teach in the Screw Work Academy IDEA LAB to solve this exact problem.

I call it superniching.

Don’t take on the big players at their own game, instead choose a very particular corner of the world and set out to provide the very best service/product/event/blog for it.

“If you want to be the best in the world, 
make your world smaller”
– Seth Godin

A superniche can be a very particular kind of person. Your time management app could be designed entirely for visually-minded or ‘right-brained’ people (a group very poorly serviced at the moment).

Or your superniche could be a very particular problem you solve. If you’ve got yourself out of personal debt and learned a lot along the way, your finance book could be focussed purely on that.

Don’t try to emulate the giants

If you look at the giants in your field and try to copy them you won’t succeed. That’s because those giants usually started out by superniching too.

Facebook may be the #1 global social network now but when it launched it was strictly only available for Harvard students (you had to have a Harvard email address to register). Then it was rolled out to other US colleges, then UK colleges, and finally the general public.

Oh and it looked a little different back then:

Facebook - Harvard

Starting out with a very particular niche didn’t slow down Facebook’s progress, it sped it up. It allowed Facebook to spread quickly throughout Harvard and go on to dominate other groups even though there were several other more well established social networks available at the time.

How can you superniche?

Which specific group of people could you help? Or what problem are you best placed to help people with?

Whether you end up providing a service, writing a blog or book, launching an online business, running events, or creating an app, the same principle applies.

Find out how to positively impact one very particular group or problem. If you can do that, then you can expand from there – or you might just find you can make a great living with your favourite little niche.


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