What dreams have you left behind?

We need to talk… about all those things you’d love to do, love to create, love to make happen…  
…but which have been left behind like this lonely little doggie 🙂
Lonely puppy
Am I making you feel guilty yet? 🙂
We all have ideas for things we’d love to do – blogs that would be fun to write, events that would be amazing to run, book ideas you daydream about getting published, an exhibition you’d love to hold or art project you’d love to do, website or business ideas that pop into your mind, and perhaps even exciting new career ideas.
But then something gets in the way. You can’t see a way to do it without spending a fortune or quitting your job first. Or it’s just too damn scary. Or you can’t see how it could ever make money. Or you just can’t seem to make the time.

So you procrastinate. Or you try to start and your perfectionism gets in the way. Or you hit an obstacle you can’t see a way around.
So your idea gets left behind like the little fella above.

Sarah Weiler knows this all too well.
Sarah started writing funny songs to cope with the stress of being a teacher.
She even had a go at performing one on stage once. It went down well so she started thinking about running her own comedy event with several performers.
Then suddenly 4 years passed and she hadn’t got round to creating her event.

That happens surprisingly regularly. (It certainly happened to me before I learned how to make my ideas happen.)
So when Sarah saw me emailing about the 30 Day Challenge back in May she was inspired but thought that she could perhaps set her own deadline and use that as motivation.
Then she admitted to herself that she wouldn’t really do it.
In fact she told me this week when we had a chat on the phone that part of the power of the 30 Day Challenge is that paying for it makes you determined to follow through!

So she joined the Challenge and she decided to do something very brave.
She set a date for her comedy event for just after the end of the Challenge and spent her 30 days finding a venue and performers, writing material, setting up a facebook event, and inviting people to come along.

That’s how on the 10 July I found myself travelling to Kennington to attend the inaugural Laughing Stag comedy night. In the packed room there I met lots of the 30 Day Challenge community there who had come along to support Sarah.
And you know what? It was bloody brilliant!

Sarah’s songs (including one about MP Michael Gove) were superbly funny. And every other performer Sarah invited had me and the rest of the audience laughing out loud too.
It was a cracking night and Sarah even made money out of it. And it was all pulled together from scratch within 30 days using the techniques we teach in the Challenge.
Sarah Weiler performing at her comedy event

Now Sarah’s made it a monthly event and has already booked some standups off TV shows like 8 out of 10 cats.

This week when Sarah saw that we are about to kick off what could be the last ever 30 Day Challenge she emailed her friends to encourage them to join. And she copied me in so I could see what she saying.

Here’s what she said in her own words:

Hello lovely creative people,

I just wanted to let you know that the (possibly last ever) 30 Day Challenge is starting again in November.

I honest can't recommend it highly enough. It's the course I did in June which gave birth to my now monthly comedy night (the first of which paid for the 30 day challenge).

It's a mixture of playing out and finding the stuff you love, dedicating time to lost passions and pastimes, a real focus on specific goals you want to achieve as well as being part of an incredibly positive and inspiring online community of 300 people all over the world. There is a coach online every day and each morning you're given a daily buzz with advice, reflections and success case-studies.

The amount that everyone achieves in that short space of time is unbelievable and only requires 20 minutes time a day. So log off Tinder early, do it over dinner, or watch a shorter episode on Netflix. However you want to fit it in!

It's basically 30 days of working towards a goal, with a deadline and with a massive community to support you.

If anyone wants to ask me any questions about it I would be happy to answer!


So what ideas have you left behind?
What dreams, ideas and projects could you dust off if you had some expert guidance and the incredible rush of 200+ supportive people cheering you on?

Let me know in a comment below and let’s see what we can make happen


Meanwhile this last ever 30 Day Challenge is now nearly half full.

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