The single most important skill you need today

China economyWe live in remarkable times. Last week the Financial Times reported that China is set to overtake America this year as the world’s largest economy.

What will the world be like when the West no longer sets the economic agenda?

In addition to this economic shift we’re also seeing a workplace shift away from full-time jobs and towards part-time working, freelancing, entrepreneurship and the ‘individual economy’.

Altogether we’re witnessing one of the biggest changes in the world of work and commerce since the Industrial Revolution.

While it can be an uneasy experience living through so much change, it’s also an incredibly exciting time. We are now in a position to mould our work to suit us – to choose what we do and the form we do it in.

But to do that you need one essential skill that you were never taught at school and your parents may not have themselves.

The skill you need now

The single most important skill you need right now is the ability to find ideas and make them happen. Ideas that use the talents that come naturally to you, that you love doing, and that you actually care about.

Once you’ve learned that your range of possibilities explodes!

So many things are possible today that weren’t before. You can publish your own book in an afternoon, sell your home made art online, sell a service you can deliver over Skype from anywhere in the world, or set up a shop on Amazon to sell products to a global market of shoppers.

When you know how to generate ideas, choose the best and make them happen then the world is your playground.

And that’s what you’ll learn on the Screw Work Let’s Play 30 Day Challenge.

The Challenge is all about experiential learning. Not dry study, but actually doing something. The Challenge is an online party with 200 people finding and making an idea happen in just 30 days. The experience for many participants is life-changing.

Booking for the 30 Day Challenge reopens on Thursday at midday (BST). When we last opened the doors, over a 100 tickets were snapped up in just 36 hours.

If you want to be first to hear when tickets go on sale, enter your name and email below.

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