Is this your block to starting making money without a job?

I’ve been teaching people how to make money doing something they love without needing a job for almost a decade now. And I know that anyone who’s determined to do it can make it happen.

And yet often I see people get stuck along the way. Perhaps you are too? What I’ve discovered is that the problem is usually not some practical obstacle that’s tough to get around but much more likely a misunderstanding of how the process really works.

Here are the 3 biggest blocks I see people come up against. Which one is yours?

1: Can’t find an idea

I know we’ve been told that the idea is everything in starting a business or making money but in actual fact you don’t need a wildly original idea and besides, the best ideas come out of experimentation. Find a good enough idea to start with, and you’ll come up with loads of others along the way.

You can watch my video on the topic to understand more.

2: Can’t commit to an idea

Even when you have an idea you like, a lot of people are beset by doubts about whether it will work so they end up not doing anything. What you need to know is how to create the minimum version of your idea and try it out with people – then you can see whether people get interested in it and perhaps even pay for it. If they do, you know you’re on the right track. If not, you can fix, improve or change your idea until it does.

3: Can’t get started

Once you have an idea you can begin in a reduced form, you might still be struggling to see how to get it started, particularly if you are short of time and/or funds.

But instead of putting it on the back burner, create a 30 Day Play Project that will allow you to produce something, no matter how small, that you can share with others. You might write and publish a handful of blog posts on the topic you’re interested in. Or go do your first small project for a friend or colleague. Or promote your first event on This allows you to find out if you enjoy doing the thing, and it moves you forward even when you’re short of time.

The results from such a simple approach can be dramatic – clarity on the things you enjoy doing, tangible results you can point at, greater self-confidence, and often the kind of serendipitous opportunities that only arise when you start putting yourself out into the world.

You might even end up making some money sooner than you expected as have some of the participants on the Screw Work Let’s Play 30 Day Challenge (where I teach this process)


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