Could you be suffering from Chrometophobia?

Chrometophobia - fear of money

There is a phobia that is surprisingly common and yet very poorly understood.

In fact you might even be suffering from it yourself without realising it.

It’s called Chrometophobia and it is the fear of money.

Now you might imagine that if some kindly person walked up to you and handed you a large pile of cash with no strings attached, you wouldn’t have any problem accepting it.

But a surprising number of people are troubled by the possibility of becoming wealthier. In fact, there are many tragic examples of people winning the lottery who then spend it all as fast as possible and end up more broke than they were before – almost as if they wanted to get rid of the money (although they might not consciously admit to such a thing).

In fact it can be uncomfortable at first for anyone to start earning more money when you have got used to a certain level of income – that’s why people tend to stay within a narrow band of earning for most of their life.

And even if you really are comfortable with the idea of having more money, are you comfortable with doing what is required to make it? Things like asking people, quite simply, to buy what you’re offering. I often see people describing their new product, service, or event in a long excited email, but with a tiny link to buy it buried somewhere in the text. Sometimes it’s so obscured, I can’t find it even when I’ve decided to buy it!

So, if you are serious about wanting to get paid to do something you love, you need to address any trace of chrometophobia in you.

Money makes play sustainable

Many times I see people who have got something great to share with the world and their reluctance to charge for it and promote it properly holds them back. Sometimes they even end up giving up and returning to the dull work that they were trying to escape. And that is such a shame when I know they could have made it work.

I’m seen some great projects abandoned for exactly this reason and the world is poorer for it.

Instead, be willing to do whatever it takes: to keep going and keep creating value; To challenge your comfort zone on how much you can earn;  And to learn everything you can about how to promote what you create and charge well for it.

Because then you too can experience the delight of making serious money for doing work you love. And when you get paid to play (and paid well), everybody benefits.

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