Welcome to 2013! Let’s take the year off

It’s the first day of a new year – a time when many of us think about what lies ahead and what we’d like to get from the coming 12 months.

I remember one year I had a go at one of those elaborate exercises to review the previous year, set lots of goals for the new year, and plot a methodical course to get there – but I lost the will to live before I even finished the exercise.

Here’s something more fun and potentially far more effective…

Let’s take the year off.

Imagine this: you just got handed a cheque for a year’s income and you get to take the whole of this coming year off work. You don’t have to do anything to earn money for the next 365 days.

Welcome to freedom

What will you do?

You might break out the champagne. Then perhaps take a month or two to go on holiday, rest, catch up with friends, get all that stuff done off your To Do list that’s been hanging around forever.

But then what?

Will you really sit on a beach sipping cocktails for a year?

What will you do when you’re finally rested and start getting bored? What will you itch to do? Write a book? Throw yourself into your love of photography, art, or design? Do something geeky like building an app? Go learn something you’re fascinated by? Have a go with that business idea you’ve been thinking about?

(Oh and to help remove any other obstacles, imagine you have a blank cheque for anything you need to do these things – to buy that castle you want to renovate, the round the world air ticket, the home studio)

Grab a scrap of paper (or your ‘Playbook’) and start writing.

Share it with us

Leave a comment and share something of what you’d do on your year off.

Next week we’ll look at how to make it happen – even if you don’t win the lottery.

Wishing you a very happy and playful 2013.


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