Scanners Night Italy (or, the power of a play project)

People often ask me questions like, “How do I create a full-time income to allow me to quit my job?”, “How can I write a bestselling book?”, “How can I start a movement that will change people’s lives?”

And my answer is always “Start small, Start now”

I know this works because that is what we have been busy doing this month with the 200 people on the 30 Day Challenge.

And I know it works because it’s what I do. As an example, my Scanners Night event in London started 5 years ago when I invited a handful of people to meet up in a bar. Now Scanners Night hosts amazing speakers and attracts up to 70 attendees every month.

This week Scanners Night goes international!

Scanners Night ItalyThis Friday, is Scanners Night Italy – the first ever Scanners Night event outside the UK.

We’ve teamed up with Fabrizio Tubertini and his team in Genova to launch Scanners Night firstly in Genova and then later Milan and hopefully other cities.

I will be appearing in a live video link up to talk about Mollo Tutto! (The Italian edition of Screw Work Let’s Play) and there will be two fabulous local speakers – read more here.

If you are anywhere nearby, come along – or if you know others in Northern Italy, please do let them know:

Find out more about Scanners Night Italy

London Scanners Night with Roman Krznaric

Roman KrznaricMeanwhile, if London is a little more convenient for you than Genova, then don’t miss London Scanners Night on June 13.

Our special guest is Roman Krznaric, author and founding faculty member of The School of Life, who was described by The Observer as “One of Britain’s leading lifestyle philosophers”.

Roman will be revealing the 6 Habits of Highly Empathic People and showing how empathy can not only enrich your own life and make you a more creative thinker, but also help forge social change.

Find out more about London Scanners Night

What fun, small, project could you start that could grow into something BIG? Leave a comment and tell us.

PS. If you’re not near London or Genova, you can get all the London Scanners Night recordings here.

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