Big dreams, small projects: What do you dream of doing?

It’s easy to imagine that big dreams – like creating a wildly successful businesses – are the result of a grand vision that is planned out and then executed step by step.


More often than not, a brilliant success starts with a humble project, done just for the fun of it. And it is then grown organically, project by project, into something big.

Exhibit A: Apple Computers

Steve Jobs had more self-belief than most of can ever dream of and yet even he didn’t start with a plan to change the world.

He started with a project – to build a commercial home computer, working from his dad’s garage.

He teamed up with his buddy Steve Wozniak who designed and hand-built what became known as the Apple I. Check it out:

Apple I

The Apple I – not quite as beautiful as current Apple products

(In fairness, the Apple I was a hobby kit shipped without a case
so the buyer had to make their own)

When you look into it, it quickly becomes obvious that this model of building dreams piece by piece is actually the norm.

Facebook was preceded and inspired by Facemash, a site knocked together by Mark Zuckerberg for fun in a couple of days.

Water for Elephants is a bestselling book that was made into a Hollywood movie and yet Sarah Gruen wrote the whole first draft of the novel in 30 days.

Small projects build big dreams.

What project would you love to do just for fun in 30 days?

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