Why don’t we do the stuff we really care about?

You get your important work done just fine in your job (even if it’s at the last possible moment).

So why don’t you make such consistent progress on your own projects?

What happened to your plans to change career, start a business or write that book you’ve been thinking about?

Did you put it aside for another week? Another month?

There’s a very simple reason for this: no one’s making you do the fun stuff – the stuff you really care about.

At work, you have a boss to answer to. Or if you’re self employed, a client. And that means you have a deadline. And there’s a consequence if you don’t meet it.

So you do it. Even if you have to pull out all the stops.

But what happens if you don’t write that book? Or meet someone to talk about that new career direction? Or experiment with that business idea?

Probably nothing.

Except of course the familiar pang of disappointment.

You need to make what you want to do into a must do. And that means getting other people involved to support and challenge you to get it done.

Do one thing today to make this happen.

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