How To Choose The Right Blogging Or Website Platform For You: 4 Options

We have created a tutorial where we talk you through and show you 4 options for website and blog platforms, appropriate for different needs.

Watch the tutorial here: Choosing a website or blogging platform

The links to the options outlined in the video are here

1. MrSite Easy and fast, but not very sophisticated

2. Wix Shiny sleek flash websites – relatively easy but only good if you want a fast, sleek image over anything else. If you want ot create another website later you won’t be able to transfer this content over. Bad for SEO or Google.

3. – choice for newbie bloggers who are just experimenting. A free way of having a simple blog that you can start today. We provide some tutorials around this (but we don’t go into depth). It’s a great start-fast point but keep in mind that you have limited functionality and it can be tricky to move this to your own hosting later on. Use this if you are experimenting with what you want to write about.

4. A WordPress site hosted externally (on Bluehost)This is our highest recommendation. This is not just for blogs: you can use an externally hosted WordPress site either for a blog or to create a regular website with a blog attached.

We recommend this because you have full control over your website, you can install your own themes (which means you control how it looks to a greater extent than with the freebie) and do things like install plugins which make it more userfriendly and interesting. It is also the best platform if you want to develop your site in the future.

We have suggested Bluehost as your host because it has a relationship with WordPress that makes the installation and upkeep much easier than most regular hosts. Getting a Bluehost account is also good value as it means you can have as many domains and websites as you like all hosted here for no extra price. Your email is sorted out here as well. Plus, a domain is also included in a Bluehost purchase so you sort that out in one go. Phew! Basically, this is a complete package which makes your life a whole lot simpler, which is why I use it.

To sign up to Bluehost click here

We have put together a bunch of tutorials about all the main steps of how to use WordPress on Bluehost once you have purchased it,  so you can get started fast!

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