How to set up a WordPress website or blog on Bluehost

The below are guides that take you through how to get started after you have purchased your Bluehost account and domain.

Note: This option is for the more advanced WordPress option (these are not the direction for just starting a basic WordPress blog for free, but instead this is how to get set up on your own externally hosted website. This is Option 4 in the ‘how to choose your website or blog platform’ tutorial).

Setting up your first site can seem daunting as no one tells you where to go and how to do it! We demystify this process and talk you through the key steps you need. Plus we show you, live, exactly what to do to get your website or blog up and running on this system.

To get started get your Bluehost package from here. Now go through these live tutorials as we walk you through each step

1. How to ensure your domain name is ready for use with your new website.

2. How to install WordPress on Bluehost.

Now you’re ready to go! Click here to access tutorials on how to start using WordPress once you have done the above.

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