How To Ensure Your Domain Name (You Have Purchased Within Bluehost) Is Ready For Use With Your New Website.

This is the first thing you do when getting started with Bluehost and a new domain name that you purchased through Bluehost. It is also what you do if you have purchased a second or third domain within Bluehost. This makes your domain ready for use with your Bluehost account (or ‘assigns’ it to your account). Without doing this you don’t be able to use that domain properly so start here.

To get ready, get out the information about how to log in to your Control Panel (or Cpanel) that Bluehost will have emailed to you at signup.

Now watch the tutorial here: Assign domain in Bluehost

Note: this might not be necessary for everyone, but start watching and I’ll tell you whether this applies to you.

(don’t worry, it’s really simple!)

Once you have done this go back to this page and continue with the next Bluehost-Wordpress tutorial

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