How to create your own global microbrand

Hugh MacLeod is an artist who first made his name drawing cartoons on the back of business cards. He also now writes a superb blog called GapingVoid on art, entrepreneurship, marketing and other good things.

One of Hugh’s great concepts that I refer to in Screw Work Let’s Play is that of a Global Microbrand.

He suggests that one of the most effective ways to further your own success at this point in time is to create your own Global Microbrand which is, as Hugh explains:

A small, tiny brand, that “sells” all over the world.
The Global Micro brand is nothing new; they’ve existed for a while, long before the internet was invented. Imagine a well-known author or painter, selling his work all over the world. Or a small whisky distillery in Scotland. Or a small cheese maker in rural France, whose produce is expor­ted to Paris, London, Tokyo etc. Ditto with a vio­lin maker in Italy. A classical guitar maker in Spain. Or a small English firm making $50,000 shot guns.

When it works, you get to create a sustainable business you can live off and as Hugh says,

Frankly, it beats the hell out of commuting every morning to the corporate glass box in the big city, something I did for many years. Just so I could make enough money to help me for get that I have to commute every morning to the corporate glass box in the big city.

As ever, the starting point for a Global Microbrand is to do something truly remarkable, that you really enjoy doing, and then get known for it using the kind of techniques I describe in Secret 6: How to play the fame game. Social media such as blogging and twitter has made this easier than ever before. And you don’t need the whole world to care about you, just enough enthusiasts to keep you in business. This number is often a lot smaller than you think.

Read more about Global Microbrands on GapingVoid.

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