Stop obsessing about your business card

Myth of Work #15 in Screw Work, Let’s Play is “I can’t talk to anyone until I have some fancy business cards printed and my website launched”

Don’t let this kind of stuff stop you from getting out there and starting to put your ideas into action. It is almost always possible for you to win your first playcheque before you have a website, business cards or much of the other paraphernalia of self-employment. Don’t use those things as an excuse.

You can always create a one-page brochure as a PDF and send it by email. Remember that your first sale is likely to be a contact from a friend or colleague so they will hopefully be more forgiving that you’re not yet professionally polished.

Business cards are overrated anyway. Most cards handed out to people are never looked at again. It’s much more important you take someone else’s card if you’re interested in selling your services or products to them. At least then you’re in control of getting in contact.

If you want a quick solution for a business card, look at the wonderful Moo cards. They are quick, cheap and yet look far far better than the boring free business cards so many self-employed people hand out. And because they have so many simple fresh design options, you can grab a set of Moo cards before you have even decided on your visual identity or brand.

It’s also a great solution for your side projects or one off events – run off a set of cards just for that.

Watch the quick video below to see some Moo cards.

Once you know what your business and brand are really about, then you can start creating a better card.

Just don’t end up like these guys from American Psycho.

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