Should I quit my job?

At some point you are going to reach that moment when the business you started in your spare time grows too big to fit into your evenings and weekends. And the question you have to ask yourself is “Should I quit my job?”.

How do you decide?

The founders of Innocent Drinks made the decision in a very original way. Innocent is a British company founded by three college friends in 1999 to create natural fruit smoothies. The company now has a 71% share of the £169m UK smoothie market. But like many of us, they started the business in their spare time.

How did they make the decision to quit their jobs and go full-time on their business? They didn’t. They let their customers make the decision. And they did it at a music festival.

Watch this video of co-founder Richard Reed telling the story of the company and their mission to not just make a profit but leave the world a slightly better place.

When you’ve proved people want what you offer, it makes a good profit, it has potential to scale, and the demand outstrips what you can manage in your spare time, it might be time for you too to bin your job.

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