Pablo Picasso on charging what you’re really worth

One of the great challenges of getting paid to play is learning how to charge what you’re really worth. Unless you master it, you’ll always struggle to make the income you deserve.

I have a good record for doing this (see How to become a £1000/day consultant) but I think Picasso really had it nailed as this classic story from his life shows:

According to the story, some decades ago a woman was strolling along a street in Paris when she spotted Picasso sketching at a sidewalk café.

The woman asked Picasso if he would sketch her, and charge her accordingly. Picasso agreed.

In just a few minutes, she had an original Picasso sketch of herself.

“And what do I owe you?” she asked.

“Five thousand francs,” he answered.

“But it only took you 3 minutes!” she said.

“No,” Picasso said. “It took all my life.”

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