How to be idle (and still be a success) – a video interview with Tom Hodgkinson

Your vision of the rich life might not be about huge amounts of money. It might be having lots of free time that’s more important to you – just as Tom Hodgkinson discovered.

Tom is editor of bi-annual magazine The Idler and author of several excellent books including How To Be Idle, How To Be Free, and The Idle Parent.

He very kindly agreed to be interviewed for Screw Work Let’s Play and revealed how he’s created a working day that finishes at 1pm.

We did the interview as a video call over Skype and braved multiple connection dropouts and shockingly unflattering webcams to record it.

Watch the video below and discover Tom’s journey from worker to idler, why idling takes dedication, and how to write a book in your sleep. (Tom’s the one on the right)

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