CD Baby – the $22 million business Derek Sivers built for fun

Two years ago Derek Sivers sold his business CD Baby for $22 million (most of which he gave to a charitable trust to support music education).

How did he start it all? With a grand mission and comprehensive business plan? Nope. He started with the simple aim of solving a problem he had himself – finding a way to sell his music online.

He started playing around on the web, learning about scripting and programming. Once he’d built a site to sell his own music, friends started asking him if he could sell their music. So Derek expanded the site to do it. And then more people asked… and a business started to take shape.

I loved Derek’s approach to playing out his business and so got in touch to interview him for my book¬†Screw Work, Let’s Play.

Derek is fascinating to listen to. Hear him explain how to tell when you have a good business idea, what beliefs and habits have contributed to his success, and what was the most important haircut of his life…

Just click the play button below.

If you want to read more of Derek, check out his superb blog.

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