1-to-1 business makeovers to get paid to play

I wrote Screw Work Let’s Play because I’m passionate about helping people launch their ideas and turn them into something that helps them get paid to play.

Of course, a book can only go so far. At some point you might realise that you want personalised help in making a success of your idea. If this is you, then I’d love to work with you.

Does this sound like you?

You’ve had an idea you’re really excited by and you’ve launched it onto the world. Maybe you’ve even made some money out of it… but it’s not what you’d hoped. You’ve got something good but too often people only find that out when they work with you. You’d like to charge more for what you do but there is so much competition (and some of them seem to be streets ahead!)

There are so many things you could be doing to get the word out – a new website, better marketing copy, search engine optimisation, networking meetings, advertising, PR, Internet Marketing – but where do you start? What’s going to have the biggest effect? After all, you only have so much time available.

How can you boost your business with the minimum amount of work while steering it closer and closer to the things you most enjoy doing?

Let me help…

Working with me could save you months of work and a lot of wasted money.

“By following the great techniques for marketing my course as you suggested led to my course being fully booked within two weeks of me marketing it out.  I am confident that the next two will do the same.”
— Carmen MacDougall, vact.co.uk

“I have increased the number of people signed up for my e-course by 400%! I have also improved my advertising, developed a structure for my new e-book and gained lots of information that I can use to develop my business in the future. Working with John has done everything I wanted and more!”
— Karen Field, breakfreefromanxiety.co.uk

“John has worked with me to develop a fabulous internet idea that builds on my current strengths and will be profitable and enjoyable to run.”
— Jacqui Lofthouse, The Writing Coach

Now I want to take your venture and find the things to change that will have the biggest effect on your results for the least effort.

Just show me your website, sales page, marketing email, event/workshop description, info-product, or twitter profile and I’ll quickly point out what’s letting you down and the simple changes you can make to massively improve your results.

I’m always looking for the twist that can make an idea really stand out, get lots of free PR and generate word of mouth buzz. I’ll also be encouraging you to put what’s unique about you at the centre of your venture because your difference is actually your greatest asset. This is what I call in Screw Work Let’s Play, “Pimping your idea”!

And I’ll be looking for shortcuts to supercharge your results by connecting you with my personal contacts (where relevant) and drawing on my huge knowledge of online resources and services to help get you known.

I have very limited intake each month for one-to-one clients so if you’d like to apply, do fill in the form below now. I work with clients all over the world by email, skype and in person.

Get started now

To get information on how I can help you get paid to play and whether working with me is right for you, drop me a line below. Include a brief description of what you most need help with (and your website address if you have one). I will be in touch as soon as possible.

You can email John at:

john [at symbol] screw work lets play [dot] com

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