Which business idea will work for you?

You’ve had enough of jobs and want to start making your own money. You’ve got some ideas, but how do you know which one is going to work for you?

You want to find a way to do something really creative with your life – and make money doing it.

Your very first step is working out what you’re actually going to do. Fortunately there are now many more ways of making a living without a job than there were even a decade ago.

What’s holding you back?

  • Not sure which project you’d really enjoy doing if you launched it?
  • Don’t think you have the qualifications, experience, expertise, contacts or funds to actually make a project work?
  • What if the most appealing ideas don’t look like they’d ever make any money?

Let me help you choose the right idea to pursue now.

I’ll draw on my wide range of experience – writing a best-selling book, consulting to blue chip organisations around the world at over £1000/day, running a successful London event for creative people, creating several money-making websites, becoming a respected figure in the self-development industry.

My mission for you is to help you find what you love doing and you’re naturally brilliant at (even when you can’t see it!), and how to turn that into something people will be only too happy to pay for.

And I’ve got a knack for finding a sneaky way of doing the option you’d most enjoy in a form that makes money.

(If  already know which idea you want to progress, you’ve started doing it, but you’re not getting the results you hoped, then take a look at how I can makeover your business.)

How does it work?

Simple worksheets to help you choose

Firstly, I give you some simple yet brilliantly effective worksheets that 100s of people have used to work through their ideas for income streams and businesses.

The worksheets help you choose between all your options and most importantly, generate some new ideas you might have discounted before.

Find your path of least resistance

Secondly, you take an incredible personality test called Wealth Dynamics that in 15 minutes will finally reveal your path of least resistance to success and wealth.

There are only 8 paths to wealth and if your work feels like a struggle right now, you’re following the wrong one. You must know the right path for you to stand a good chance of making your own business or creative project work.

You will receive a personalised 20 page wealth profile report showing which work you should focus on – and which work you should STOP doing!

I will read your worksheets and Wealth Profile before we talk and will use them throughout our session to ensure that you create a working life that feels “in flow” – achieving your best ever results with the least struggle.

One-to-one intensive with me

We then spend a packed 45 minutes on the phone as I help find the idea that excites you and stands the best chance of making you money.

The work you enjoy is usually the work you’re naturally good at and you’re therefore most likely to succeed in. Finding a way to get paid for it though sometimes requires some seriously lateral thinking. And it’s always better done using two heads rather than one.

We have a single session together so we’re not aiming to paint a complete picture of your new business. What you will go away with is a clear winner (or perhaps two) to start working on straight away – and how to do that most effectively even if you’re short of free time.

If you choose, we can record the call so that you can listen to it as often as you like afterwards.


If you’re feeling protective of your idea, please rest assured that everything you tell me is in complete confidence. People share new business ideas with me every week and if I ever abused that trust, I would be out of business very quickly!

Too many ideas to choose just one?

I specialise in working with people who have many different interests and ideas and don’t want to choose just one to pursue in their work. If this is you, you are what’s called a “Scanner” and must have variety in your life to be happy. I can show you the kind of self-employment options that keep restless Scanners interested rather than having to face what Scanners fear most – boredom.

Have a look at my website for Scanners and my monthly London event Scanners Night.

What you get

The package consists of:

  • Wealth Dynamics online profile test
  • Personalised 20 page Wealth Dynamics profile report
  • Access to my one hour audio masterclass to tell you how to put your profile into use in the next 30 days
  • My simple yet effective worksheets to fill in prior to the session to lay out your ideas. Don’t be surprised if just doing this brings you some new insights!
  • I read your worksheets and profile and start thinking about what is most important to cover in the session
  • A 45 minute one-to-one intensive on the phone with meto review your worksheets and your profile and brainstorm possible new directions for you. We pack a lot in so come ready to take notes.
  • Recording of the call as an MP3 – if you choose – so that you can relisten as often as you like
  • A list of critical resources: The contacts, websites, events and books you need to make rapid progress on your project
  • A “Speed Action Plan” of the next 3 steps for you to take after the session to progress your best business ideas.

Payment is by credit card using Paypal (you don’t need to have a Paypal account to pay).

It is essential that you read my simple Terms before booking.

I only have space for a handful of clients a month – book now to make sure you don’t miss out.

Additional follow-up telephone sessions are available if you feel you would like further help.

If you’ve been going round in circles coming up with options and then discounting them, STOP! Don’t waste yet another month of your life trying to decide what to do. Get my help and finally start your journey to get paid to play.

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