Discover work that feels like play

The Screw Work Let’s Play Programme

10 people, 3 coaches, one life-changing mission

The 8 week programme starts 30 May 2011

This programme takes place online and over the phone so you can join from anywhere in the world

Update: only 5 places remaining!




You want out of your current work and you don’t want to end up in a regular job yet again…

But you don’t know what you really want to do instead

  • How can you find out what work feels like play to you?
  • How can you be sure you will actually enjoy it when you start doing it?
  • Plus, how can you actually decide on a direction on which to get started?

Get the support, the tools, and the push to find out what you really want to do – and finally start being a ‘player’, not a ‘worker’.

This is not a career change or ‘business planning’ programme

It’s much more than that. This programme teaches you how to go from worker to player.

Ask yourself this:

  • Do you want to be someone who just talks about those ideas you will do ‘one day’, or do you want to be someone who makes ideas happen, has fun making them happen and lives the life they want?
  • Do you want to continue going in circles trying to think of ‘options’, or do you want to discover a whole new approach that allows you to take control and live the life you truly want to?

In just 8 weeks on the programme, you’ll choose a new work-life direction and get it moving

As a worker you follow rules, you do what others tell you, you compromise, you choose the hard route because that’s what you equate with work. You focus on your weaknesses. You work to survive.

As a player you play to your own rules, you get to play your own game. You are your own boss, and you get this:

You stop compromising and postponing the life you want. You play to your own strengths. You are brave enough to feel the fear and keep on playing anyway. You get around obstacles with agility and creativity. You stop dreaming about what you want, and you start living it. Your life finally starts to grow and flourish rather than just sitting and dreaming ‘one day…’.

This programme gives you the confidence of knowing who you are, what you want and how to get things moving… rather than sitting mired in indecision.

You are not going to create the life you want by just thinking or dreaming about it.

The first step is getting practice of creating and living the life (and the work-life) you want.

We focus on showing you how to be a player and gain confidence in yourself and your new direction. We also give you practice in doing this in a ‘play project’ you will launch within the 8 week programme.

On this programme you don’t go looking for a career. Instead you do something far richer: you discover your own personal path to success… you choose a direction and experience living that life on a rollercoaster ride over 8 weeks, with a group of fellow sparky creative people who are as ready as you are to make the change.

“I’m now charting my own course. It’s scary, but I know it’s worth it, and I’m having fun doing it! I not only know there are other possibilities and opportunities, but by actually involving myself in things, I have proof. Rather than the self-fulfilling prophecy of ‘oh, it didn’t work before, so nothing ever will’, which led to a quiet desperation, I’m now rewriting the script. I’m now able to say ‘Hey, that worked! Now, let’s see what else there is to do…”

Sarada, SWLP programme

Meet the team

Let 2 of the 3 members of the Screw Work Let’s Play team explain to you how the programme works. Watch the video below as author of the book, John Williams and Free Range Human, Marianne Cantwell talk you through the programme

(note: in the video you’ll notice we’re raving about our lead coach on this programme, Selina Barker: as Selina is not in Bali with us right now she’s not in this video, but she will be central to your experience – a one-woman life-changing powerhouse! Check the video out to see how it all works).

“So I got up this morning and the first thought in my head was “build a website, Nicci”. So that’s what I’ve done today… I’ve bought the domain name, built a website, and published it. Not too bad for 11 hours work!! So let me invite you, one and all, to peruse my website at”

Nicci Mack, SWLP programme

Programme includes:

  • Access to the UK’s 3 leading Paid to Play coaches (John Williams, Marianne Cantwell and Selina Barker)
  • An 8 week journey supported by the following:
  • Full SWLP workbook (packed with weekly advice, exercises and direction to moving through the course). Released module by modules, walking you through the whole ‘how to do work that feels like play’ process.
  • 20+ videos made especially for this programme covering every topic that you need to progress (and really bringing this whole thing to life!),
  • 4 interactive, energetic teleseminars (including a ‘guru clinic’ with John Williams and a ‘how to make money while being more you’ session with Marianne Cantwell)
  • Session recordings to listen to whenever you like
  • Wealth Dynamics personality assessment (made especially for people about to work for themselves), with full report
  • Membership of an exclusive online mastermind community where you share your ideas, inspiration, and journey with the other 9 people on the programme
  • Life-changing support on the mastermind group from Head Coach (and lead butt-kicker) Selina Barker
  • All of this combined to give you the impetus to finally figure out how to put yourself back into your business (whatever that may be!)!

The Programme starts 30 May and there are only 5 places left to get your free range play life sorted.

Think this sounds like what you need?

There are over 5000 fans of Screw Work Let’s Play following updates to this site and just 5 places left on the programme.

The 8-week programme starts on 30 May 2011

“The fact that I signed up to this programme was a big step for me… and one I’m so glad I took. I feel brilliant and proud of my achievements. This stuff works!”

Cost is £969.50 for the 8 week programme including a packed multimedia workbook, personality assessment and report, the 4  exclusive teleseminar sessions, session recordings, guru clinic, mastermind online community, coach support on the community and the full programme.

If booked by May 18, you get the full programme for only 2 x instalments of £347

PLUS  A BONUS Early Birds get a 1-2-1 with our make-it-happen coach Selina Barker, to take at any point in the programme

→ That’s £1199.50 of value for 2 x £347 (if you book by May 18)

You might notice we don’t have a booking form. That’s because we don’t take just anyone on this journey.

It is important we have the right mix of people in each group of 10, so we speak personally to all applicants to determine your suitability for the programme before booking you in.

Get moving today! Use this form to tell us why you are interested in the course and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

If you know your Wealth Dynamics profile (or your Myers Briggs profile) let us know those as well.

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