How to get paid to do what you love – listen now!

If you missed the Screw Work Let’s Play Masterclass, you missed a treat! Fortunately you can listen for free right now.

Hear author of Screw Work Let’s Play, John Williams, and renowned play guru, Marianne Cantwell, explain the 3 critical strategies you must know if you want to escape dull work and get paid to do what you love.

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Listen to the Screw Work Let’s Play masterclass

Discover work that feels like play with THE Screw Work Let’s Play Programme

  • Going round and round in circles on your own trying to figure out how to escape your current work situation?
  • Have you been spending months (or years) thinking up ideas, researching online, getting excited briefly, and then reaching a dead-end?
  • Frustrated?
  • Have you read careers books, maybe even tried one to one coaching, but keep finding yourself in the same place?
  • Would you like do something today that could end all that and launch your journey to get paid to do something you love?

The Screw Work Let’s Play Programme

Designed by the author John Williams with Selina Barker and Marianne Cantwell (two of the top playful career experts) in the country, the 8 week Screw Work Let’s Play Programme will:

  • Get you started straight away,
  • Help you discover the work that feels like play for YOU,
  • Get out of your head and playing your way there,
  • Start playing out your ideas immediately and
  • Find ways to get paid for it.

Listen to the full description of the programme

Find out the full inside story of the Screw Work Let’s Play Programme and get answers to the most common questions by listening to the audio recording below. Marianne Cantwell, one of our two Screw Work Let’s Play programme gurus, reveals all – just click the player below.

Listen to the full description of the programme

If you can’t see the player above, click here to download the audio file as an MP3.

How to Start Playing

Here are the dates of the sessions (all start at 7:30pm London time):

  1. Mon 16 Aug
  2. Weds 1 Sep
  3. Mon 13 Sep
  4. Weds 29 Sep

You might notice we don’t have a booking form. That’s because we don’t take just anyone on this journey.

It is important we have the right mix of people in each group, so we speak personally to all applicants to determine your suitability for the programme before booking you in.

To get started drop us a line on THIS email address, saying why you are interested in the course.

We look forward to hearing from you: let’s get moving today!