Paid To Play eSchool Member Homepage

Welcome [firstname]. You’ve made it onto the Inner Circle membership!

If you’ve just joined, read how to get started at the bottom of this page.

4 Steps To Getting Paid To Play

Here are your 4 steps in the eSchool process to getting paid to play:

In addition there are two further resources to delve into as needed:

The Email Mastermind Group

You can access the eSchool email group on Google Groups online here. To email the whole eSchool including John and Marianne, just email

If you are finding the emails overwhelming, you can choose to receive a daily digest of all emails at this page.

Telephone Masterclasses

Every month we run eSchool Telephone Masterclasses on a chosen hot topic. Look for the special announcements on the email group.

Dial-in details for Telephone Masterclasses are here

Listen to recordings of earlier Telephone Masterclasses here

Further information

Just Joined? Here’s How to Get Started

Firstly, listen to Marianne’s introduction to the Paid To Play eSchool and how it works:

eSchool introduction from Marianne

Once you’ve listened to the intro, get yourself into the eSchool Mastermind Email Group.

Go to the email group page on Google Groups now and request to become a member. We will approve you as soon as we get the request and you can then start using it straight away.

This means you will receive emails from (and can send emails to) the all the other eSchool members plus Marianne and John. We recommend you set up a separate folder for this so that you don’t get overwhelmed with too many messages (plus you can find things more easily too!).

To send a message to everyone in the community, email

One etiquette note – when emailing the group do use specific subject lines for each email (ie: don’t have your introduction under the email subject “Re: Re: Re: Peggy-Sue’s introduction”). Having clear subject lines to each email means your email is more likely to be read and taken care of.

Why not introduce yourself now?

Make the subject “Introduction: [your name]” and tell us:

  • what’s the idea you’re going to be developing in the eSchool?
  • what is the one thing that you most need to know right now to move your idea or venture forward?

We look forward to meeting you in the community.

John & Marianne