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I wrote Screw Work Let’s Play because I’m passionate about helping people launch their ideas and turn them into something that gets them paid to play.

But a book can only go so far. At some point you might realise that you want personalised help in turning your idea into an income stream or business.

This is a rare chance to work with me one-to-one to boost your results and possibly your income.

Note: If you have yet to decide on the business you want to launch, take a look at this instead.

Let me supercharge your business

Show me the most troublesome part of your business or your marketing and let me show you how to fix it:

  • Your website: You built it and no one came. Let me tell the actions you need to take to get those visitors coming. Or have you got plenty of visitors that fly in, fly out, and never return? Let me show you how to connect with your visitors so that they come back and maybe actually buy something.
  • Your sales page: Have you got something you know is great but other people only find out after they work with you? Show me the page that sells or describes your work and let me show you how to communicate your true value in a way that really grabs the people you want to sell to.
  • Your business proposition: You’ve got a great idea, something you’d love to do that people really want but… you can’t quite see how it could make enough money to ever get you out of your job. Let me tell you all the ways you could monetise it.
  • Your email list: You know it’s important to build an email list so you placed a newsletter sign-up box on your website. And almost no one signed up. I’ll show you why and how to fix it.
  • Your newsletter: You’ve been diligently writing an email newsletter but it doesn’t seem to have got you anywhere. Let me show you why and what to do instead.
  • Your twitter profile: You joined twitter, you followed people, you sent some tweets. Nothing happened. How can you use twitter to promote your business without being a sleezeball? Let me show you.
  • Your pricing: You want to raise your prices but if you do, your clients/customers may go to your competitors. Let me show you how to raise your prices without losing customers.
  • Your book: You’ve got a great idea for a book and you’ve started work on it – but is it compelling enough to make it sell? Let me give my insights as a bestselling author. Sometimes just a tweak of the name and a shift in focus is enough to make it zing.

Check out these results of previous clients:

“By following the great techniques for marketing my course as you suggested led to my course being fully booked within two weeks of me marketing it out.  I am confident that the next two will do the same.”
— Carmen MacDougall,

I have increased the number of people signed up for my e-course by 400%! I have also improved my advertising, developed a structure for my new e-book and gained lots of information that I can use to develop my business in the future. Working with John has done everything I wanted and more!”
— Karen Field,

John has worked with me to develop a fabulous internet idea that builds on my current strengths and will be profitable and enjoyable to run.”
— Jacqui Lofthouse, The Writing Coach

Now I want to take your venture and find the things to change that will have the biggest effect on your results for the least effort.

I’m always looking for the twist that can make your project or business really stand out, get lots of free PR and generate word of mouth buzz. I’ll also be encouraging you to put what’s unique about you at the centre of your venture because your difference is actually your greatest asset. This is what I call in Screw Work Let’s Play, “Pimping your idea”!

And I’ll be looking for shortcuts to supercharge your results by connecting you with my personal contacts (where relevant) and drawing on my huge knowledge of online resources and services to help get you known.

How the Intensive works

The Intensive is a single session over the phone or Skype to work on one specific aspect of your business. Calls can be recorded and sent to you if you would like be able to review what we cover. Sessions last 50 minutes (but allow an hour in case we need it).

On booking you will receive an email requesting your website address and any other relevant details. I will review these before the intensive.

We’ll set a date and time for your intensive once you book. Appointments take place between 10:30am and 6:30pm on weekdays. If for some reason, we cannot find a slot that works for both of us, your fee will be refunded in full. If on reviewing your business I feel in advance of arranging a session that I cannot help you effectively, I will also refund your fee in full.

Note: My aim is always to provide you with results of a value that far exceeds the price of the intensive. However, while I will do everything in my power to do this, I cannot promise any specific results for you as it depends on your business and your actions after the session.

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