Screw Work Let's Play Ignition

Get clear on what you really want to do with your life
– and start doing it right now


You want to do what you love and get paid for it.

But what if you don’t know what you love?

You can end up stuck for months – even years – not knowing what direction to go, and unable to take even the first step. And that means you stay stuck in your current work – no matter how much you want to get out.

So we created something to help you discover work that feels like play.

We just declared war on boring jobs and ho-hum lives!

And our weapon is the new Screw Work Let’s Play: Ignition programme, available today.

Nicola Arber“I’m learning so much from Ignition… The practical advice is essential, the enthusiasm infectious!
I’m finding the course a great way to kickstart my ambitions for 2013.”— Nicola Arber, 31, London


Is this you?

If you’ve read Screw Work Let’s Play but you’re still don’t what you want to do…

If you’re thinking “I just don’t know what my passion is”…

If you know that no one thing is ever going to keep you interested…

If you want to start a business but have no idea what it could be…

If you’ve struggling to believe you can make a living out of anything other than what you do now…

Then we created Screw Work Let’s Play: Ignition for YOU


Here’s the spark you need

Having helped hundreds of people create exciting, fun, fits-you-like-a-glove careers over the last 7 years, we know that the usual strategies for getting there DO NOT WORK.

We’ve walked people through the process of discovering work that feels like play again and again and we’ve proved it works.

Get ready to throw out everything you’ve been told about how to discover your ideal work, how to change career, and how to find a business to start.

Screw Work Let’s Play: Ignition will lead you through a fun process that really works – so you can discover the work you know that you like and you won’t be taking a shot in the dark.

Prepare to be surprised!

RobynThis has unexpectedly changed the course of my life. I’ve closed my business, written the first draft of a novel, and have been selected to crew on a yacht, circumnavigating the globe – my biggest dream come true. I haven’t been so happy in years!

– Robyn West, 52

Your guides – John and Selina

John Williams and Selina BarkerJohn Williams is author of Screw Work, Let’s Play which has now been translated into 8 languages and Ignition includes new ideas and tools from his forthcoming 2nd book due to be published next year.

Selina Barker is Head Coach at Screw Work Let’s Play.
Selina’s genius is all about motivating, supporting, and unblocking the participants of SWLP programmes – now numbering in  the hundreds.


Screw Work Let's Play in the press

In the press

Screw Work Let’s Play programmes and events have now been featured in The Times, Sunday Times, Daily Mail and several major magazines.


LauraI just wanted to say a huge thank you again to you,  John and Selina. You both helped me make the difficult decision to leave my safe well paid job to pursue my love of making things. I wasn’t quite sure what it would be, but a summer of experimentation and being open to opportunities has resulted in me starting a stone masonry diploma. And I AM LOVING IT!
– Laura Jeary, 28


How it works

Screw Work Let’s Play: Ignition is a downloadable multimedia programme you play through at home at your own pace and in your own time.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to get yourself inspired and motivated – and stay that way
  • How to make way for your new life
  • Your PlayMap: mapping out the things you love
  • How to turn dreams into a reality
  • The power of the play project: we guide you through a fun process to try the things you might want to do so you can know for sure whether you like them
  • Find your inner genius – yes you have one! And we’ll show you how to find it
  • Deal with shaky confidence and the inner critic (or Top Dog)
  • How to follow through and make things happen for real (even if you have no self-discipline)
  • How to make progress in just a few minutes a day
  • Making money – how it works, how to approach it and when
  • The formula for authentic success – and how to use it
  • Creating a business one play project at a time
  • Creating your portfolio career – the ultimate career for ‘scanners’
  • How to make a transition from one career into another step by step

Ignition includes:

  • 127 page playbook that’s easy to digest and fun to read with plenty of graphics, cartoons and quotes.
  • 30 exercises in an editable workbook
  • 15 videos with key ideas and techniques from John and a massive injection of love, enthusiasm and real world experience from Selina.
  • 4 hours of audio capturing the key points of Screw Work Let’s Play – a great intro if you’ve not read the book and a brilliant refresher if you have.
  • A momentum ticksheet to help you keep making progress every day
ClaireI’ve really worked out what my strengths are and how to play to them, identified ways I can help other people, how to maximise my potential and output (collaborating with others, having deadlines, beating Top Dog etc etc). It has been fantastic and I feel like a different person to the one I was just 3 months ago. Life is good!
– Claire, 33


Get John and Selina in your front room!

Icon - Video

As you might expect from people ‘screwing’ work this is no normal ‘sit down and do dry exercises’ kind of deal. We’re going to get you playing from day 1.

Key to that are the exclusive videos we’ve created and sprinkled throughout Ignition. Here’s a taster of what you can expect:

Diane Leigh“By trusting the Ignition programme (and John & Selina) and giving it just a little bit of time and attention, it can really reach your heart and soul.

For me, this programme is not about ‘thinking about’ stuff, it’s about unlocking answers (which may have lay hidden for years), answers which will then allow you to reach decisions about the action you want to take, and how you want to create your own life.”
– Diane Leigh

Tim Nicholls“John and Selina will change your idea of work and play – and the difference between them – forever”.

– Tim Nicholls, 42




Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee 100% - Burst Badge Orange

We are so confident you will love Screw Work Let’s Play: Ignition, we are offering a 100% no quibble money back guarantee.

If you’ve put the ignition principles into action and you’re not satisfied they have the power to transform your work, just email us any time within one month of your purchase and say why and we will return your fee – guaranteed!









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