Module 3: Making it your own

This module is all about taking your idea and making it stand out from everything else, even if it feels very similar to what many other people are doing (perhaps people who seem far more experienced too!). And we look at how you can create a unique spin on something that helps it attract free PR and even viral word of mouth. I achieved this with my book, my live events and my online programmes without ever paying a PR agency or even needing to reach out to the press! They all came to me. Find out how you can do the same here.

Finally as a bonus I reveal what makes a bestselling book, why you might want to write one, and how you could make that seemingly huge task a LOT more manageable than you might think.

  • How to turn your idea into a one-of-a-kind with no competition
  • How to attract viral word of mouth and free PR
  • BONUS: How and why to write a bestselling book

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Playsheet 1: My Idea (Excel)
Playsheet 2: Idea Evaluation (Excel)
Playsheet 3: Book ideas (pdf)
Playsheet 4: Write your book (pdf)
Playsheet 5: Microblocking (pdf)