Your FREE bonus of FIND YOUR MONEY-MAKER MONTH is a way for you to connect with others playing through the FIND YOUR MONEY-MAKER programme, share your progress, get encouragement from the SWLP team and ask me your questions in the Q&A session.

Here’s how the month works:

Stay on track: You’ll get one or more prompts a week sent to you by email to keep you on track and encourage you to share your progress over twitter. And you’ll get acknowledgement and encouragement from the SWLP Team on twitter.

Connect with others: See what others are doing on their ideas to get inspired and compare notes. Follow people who interest you and win followers in return! See you who lives near you in the world.

Join a Q&A with John: John will be conducting a Q&A over twitter in the 2nd half of Find Your Money-Maker Month. Post your questions about finding your idea & getting it going and get instant answers direct from John. More details on this later.

Getting started

FIND YOUR MONEY-MAKER MONTH kicks off Monday 15 June and runs until 14 July. But you can get a kickstart right now:

  • Follow @SWLPTeam (and why not follow John at @johnsw at the same time?)
  • Use the hashtag #swlp to include your tweets in FIND YOUR MONEY-MAKER MONTH so that the SWLP Team and other participants can see it
  • Check out what others are tweeting by searching for the hashtag #swlp – or just use this handy link

The @SWLPTeam twitter account is being run by Sarah Sedcole from Canada for FIND YOUR MONEY-MAKER MONTH. Sarah is a graduate of the entire programme in its original form of The Screw Work Academy Idea Lab. Sarah is a coach and a great advocate of the things you’ll be learning over the next month. Sarah also has a brilliant knack for coming up with catchy business, website or product names – try her out if you get stuck on the perfect name!


Why not tweet us right now?

Tweet something like the following:

#swlp Joanne here taking part in FYMM from Sydney, Australia. Hi everyone!

When we get started on the 15th, we’ll send you your first email inviting you to tweet how youyou’re getting on. As we progress through the month we’ll suggest specific things you might like to share that are coming out of the modules.

We look forward to seeing what you tweet!

Not on twitter?

It’s easy to join and it’s free. Just go to to get started. There is lots of online help including this article on Getting started with Twitter

Don’t want to share over twitter?

The tweets you’re sending can be read by anyone. If you’re in a job and uncomfortable tweeting about other projects, you could set up a profile under a nickname just for the course. Or, worse case scenario, you can read everyone else’s tweets without actually registering on twitter.

However many employers are enlightened enough to understand the value of employees doing creative projects in their own time, even ones that might make some money.


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