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Module 1: Rewriting the Rulebook & Generating Ideas

In this module I give you a crash course on why what you’re about to learn in Find Your Money-Maker might be just about the single most useful skill set for today’s economy, then I go over the fundamentals of how money-making ideas really work (and some of the myths we’re going to be busting), and finally we dive right into generating a whole load of ideas for yourself (you’ll be amazed how easy it can be).

So that’s:

  • Why now?
  • The truth about business ideas
  • How to generate ideas quickly and easily

Watch the module


(We know there’s a slight problem with sound quality around 52 to 54 mins… we’re looking for a fix.)

You can download the slides from this Module as a PDF here


Here are the links to the playsheets as mentioned in the Module. Download and print them off to fill in.

Playsheet: What I want (pdf)
Playsheet: ENERGY brainstorm (pdf)
Playsheet: GENIUS brainstorm (pdf)


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